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Has your iPhone been laggy ever since you updated to iOS 10.2.1, or the newest iOS 11.2? Your iPhone’s old battery may be to blame, and luckily, there’s a fix – at a discount, too!

What’s the Problem?

If your iPhone is a few years old, chances are it’s begun slowing down considerably since the first day you bought it. Sure, some of that might have been due to your insatiable need for data storage, but some of it is also due to your iPhone being forced to accommodate a an upgraded iOS it wasn’t optimised to handle. As such, you may experience drawbacks such as longer launch times and reduction of performance.

Beyond Reformatting

Unfortunately, a factory reset, which would clear your iPhone of all your beloved data (and would be the absolute last move you’d consider!), may not be the solution, no matter how final it sounds. Apple admitted that they’ve been forcing older iPhones to cope with newer iOS upgrades by basically throttling the batteries of those old iPhones to retain their battery life and prevent unexpected shutdowns. Apparently, the problem, thanks to Apple’s solution, is actually a hardware problem, not software.

Old battery, old capabilities, slower CPU. A brand new battery has all the bells and whistles you need to keep your old iPhone running at its usual performance without resorting to a brand new iPhone. A new battery is much cheaper than a new iPhone, right?

Why Throttle?

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Malaysians are probably more familiar equating the word “throttle” with Internet data. Well, now you know that your smartphone processors can be throttled too. Normally, your smartphone would be throttled if it’s in danger of overheating or wasting power, but in this case, throttling is automatically inflicted on all older iPhones. Basically, Apple was more interested in helping you retain your battery life than in ensuring your iPhone runs smoothly on a shorter battery charge. It’s logical, but not necessarily a welcome one since many people would misunderstand and end up changing phones instead!

Are You Eligible?

Following the furore and the lawsuits that followed that revelation, Apple decided to offer discounts for Apple battery replacements, even if your warranty period is over. In Malaysia, you can look for your battery replacement over at Machines, though more authorised service providers may offer it soon as well. For now, enjoy an approximately 67% discount (RM129 per battery, inclusive of labour charge and GST) on your iPhone battery replacement when you walk into Machines outlets.

Are You Affected?

Owners of iPhone 6 and above will be affected by this battery issue. This means that it’ll be relevant to those who own the iPhone SE, 6/7/8, 6/6s/7/8 Plus, 6s, and X. For those who own even older iPhones, sorry, you’re out of luck and will have to purchase a replacement battery at its full price, valued at RM399 at Machines.

What Should You Prepare?

First, you need RM129 for a new battery. After that, ensure you do the following before you send your device to Machines for battery replacement:
1. Back up your data, because all data will be erased.
2. Disable “Find My iPhone”.

In addition to that, keep in mind the following details, so that you’re not in for a rude shock:
1. Only battery replacements for eligible iPhones are covered by this program.
2. You won’t get any loaned/temporary iPhones when you surrender your iPhone to change its battery. If you don’t have a spare phone, this means you’ll have no phone till you get yours back!
3. Allow five to seven working days for the battery replacement.
4. All accessories on your iPhone are considered lost and not covered under this program.

Discount Duration

Apple will run this program throughout 2018, from January to December, so you have some time to consider your battery replacement, or to put it off till after Chinese New Year!


Smartphone slowdowns are sadly inevitable due to rapid advancements in technology, but luckily, this time Apple’s got a simple hardware solution for you!

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