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The HTC U11 is HTC’s flagship phone, which launched in June 2017 with a starting price of RM3,099. It sounds like a premium phone that you’ll have to save up for, right? Well, now Maxis is here to help you get that U11 for as low as RM70 a month!

Which Model is It?

There’s only one colour, the Amazing Silver, on offer by Maxis, but its specifications more than make up for it: it’s the 6GB + 128GB model, which should give you plenty of storage space for your pictures, videos, and chats!

How It Works

The trick to this deal is to take advantage of the MaxisONE Plan with Zerolution. Depending on the MaxisONE plan you’re opting for, you can indeed get the HTC U11 at RM70/month with Zerolution. Simply sign up or, if you’re an existing customer, walk in and grab that phone.


Image via Maxis Malaysia

ZERO Cash Upfront

Don’t worry about coughing up cash for this phone! Under the MaxisONE Plan with Zerolution, your new U11 can be taken home without needing you to pay anything for it.

ZERO Lock In Period

Do you like to stay ahead of the game in the latest smartphone trends? Then Zerolution is the best fit for your needs, since you’ll then be able to upgrade to the newest smartphone in the market every year. No more locking yourself down to one new smartphone every 24 months!

ZERO Credit Card and Interest Rates

Who likes the interest rates charged on repayments? Luckily, smartphones under Zerolution can be repaid for without any credit card, finance charge, or interest, so you can be sure that the monthly installments you’re paying for goes towards the value of your phone.


Standard Contract

If you don’t feel like locking yourself to a Zerolution plan, that’s okay, too. Maxis offers a normal, 24-month contract under the MaxisONE Plan only, which will require you to pay a device upfront payment for the phone. The upfront payment is waived for existing Maxis subscribers. These standard contracts will deliver the U11 to your hands from as low as RM1,799 (but you can reduce it to RM1,499 – just read on!).


If you’ve an existing smartphone that you’d like to trade in, you can use it to off-set the cost of the U11. You can save up to RM1,680 this way. This translates to half the launch value of the HTC U11, so you can be assured that this is no paltry sum!

Freebies Tips

Image via Maxis Malaysia

Purchase the U11 through the Maxis Online Store! It’ll save you the hassle of going out and looking for parking under the hot sun, but most importantly, you’ll be eligible for a RM300 discount on your phone, plus an exclusive HTC U11timate box set with limited edition merchandise. What’s not to like? Remember, it’s through the Maxis Online Store only, so do your phone shopping online!


Maxis has limited stock of the HTC U11, so hurry while stocks last!

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