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Red for Valentine’s is so over-rated now – or at least, that’s what Oppo seems to think, considering the Dashing Blue Limited Edition Oppo F5 smartphone that it’s marketing as a Valentine gift. But, well, why blue?

F5 Special Editions

The Oppo F5 has been the subject of special editions before. The previous one, the Fattah Amin Special Edition, was a sleek black version with exclusive content and collectables of the actor, available from 13 January 2018. Less than a month later, Oppo’s Valentine-themed smartphone also happens to be the F5. This gives you three colours to choose from: the F5’s original red, Fattah Amin black, or Valentine blue – or as they call it, Dashing Blue.

Dashing Blue

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Blue isn’t a colour you normally associate with love-filled Valentines, but according to Oppo, they went with blue to represent the “purity of love”. The deep blue is striking and sleek in an effort to “perfectly mirror the light” with an “eye-catching effect” on the smartphone cover. All the better to see your significant other with, perhaps? Now, instead of proclaiming the fierceness of your love, you can instead present how pure your love is.

The Goodies

The Fattah Amin special edition was named as such due to the rich number of Fattah-Amin related merchandise bundled along with the smartphone such as stickers, postcards, selfies, and songs. This time, Oppo’s bundling Chinese New Year-related gifts with their Dashing Blue Special Edition, probably because Chinese New Year takes place two days after Valentine’s. Those who purchase this smartphone from 3 February 2018 will be gifted with an Olike Universal Power Adapter and one pack of angpows.

The Extra Goodies

Image via Oppo

Want something a bit more special? Oppo has that ready for you too. Those who pre-order online from either Oppo’s website, Lazada, 11Street or Shopee will snap up an extra limited edition Giftbox which comes with an exclusive Swarovski crystal clear phone case. If you’re fast enough (which means you must be among the first 500 purchasers) you can even personalise your phone even further with a free laser engraving service. Request for a custom short message, up to 10 alphabets, in the special delivery instructions section before you check out your new purchase, and you’re good to go!

The Shipping Time

Pre-orders that were made between 5 and 7 February 2018 will receive their smartphones in time for Valentine’s on 14 February. However, Oppo announced on its website that orders made between 13 and 21 February 3018 will only reach you by 24 February 2018, probably due to the combination of good sales plus Chinese New Year rush. It’s okay, a belated Valentine’s is still a Valentine’s, right? Better yet, it can be a second gift to surprise your partner with!


Oppo may have just started a new Valentine’s trend this year. Are you on board with it?

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