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How many of you have taken advantage of Celcom’s complimentary WiFiPlus service? If you loved it, gear up for the last few days of use, because Celcom is retiring the WiFiPlus after 16 May 2017.

What is Celcom WiFiPlus?

Do you remember seeing a WiFiPlus data balance right below your monthly usage data balance? Have you ever wondered what it is for, considering you never (or hardly ever) used it, much less depleted it? That’s 3GB of data every month, after all! But don’t worry, WiFiPlus is Celcom’s wireless internet facility, and it’s totally free to use. That means you’re not wasting data…though you were wasting a freebie all this time.

Are You Eligible for Celcom WiFiPlus?

All new and existing Celcom customers are eligible to use WiFiPlus. WiFiPlus is even free if you are a Celcom postpaid customer on the FIRST Elite, FIRST Gold, FIRST Blue, FIRST Basic 85, or FIRST Basic 38 package. Some prepaid users may also enjoy complimentary WiFiPlus when you subscribe to relevant Celcom Mobile Internet plans.

Where Can You Find Celcom WiFiPlus?

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To use WiFiPlus, you must first be within range of a WiFiPlus Zone. In line with Celcom’s aim to bring you hassle-free WiFi service in public areas, you can usually find a WiFiPlus Zone in shopping malls, airports, public transportation centres, hotels, selected cafes, museums, and so on. There’s a full list here, but when in doubt, just head to the nearest Celcom store for a guaranteed Zone!

How to Use WiFiPlus

Probably the reason behind your under-utilisation of the WiFiPlus service is an unawareness of how to activate it in the first place. To use WiFiPlus, you need a wireless-enabled device, a valid WiFiPlus account, and a WiFiPlus Zone. Most of us never bother to activate and receive our WiFiPlus IDs and Passwords (hint: it’s not your Online Customer Service sign in credentials). If you’ve ever left a WiFiPlus Zone frustrated that you couldn’t use WiFiPlus, this is why. Once you have the sign in credentials, though, all you need to do is to sign in when you’re within range of a Zone, and you’re good to go.

WiFiPlus Subscription

The WiFiPlus may be complimentary for certain postpaid or Internet plans, but other Celcom users may have been purchasing WiFiPlus Plans in order to use the service. You’ll need to use up your quota fast, because these plans disappear as well come 16 May!


Do you still have WiFiPlus quota to spare, time to burn, and a Celcom WiFiPlus hotspot nearby? Then hurry and use it up before the 16th!

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