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You probably know by now that webe has been calling for you to a limited-time-only offer of unlimited data. Well, as of 12 January 2018, that time limit is over. Say goodbye to webe as you know it!

Webe’s Packages

When webe first debuted in 2016 as a rebranded P1 WiMAX, it challenged the status quo of the time by offering a truly enticing package: unlimited calls, SMS, and yes, unlimited data as well, all at a very affordable cost if you qualify for the discounts! Webe’s packages have stayed affordable for the service provided up to the very end early this year.

What is webe?

Webe is the result of TM’s investment in the WiMAX wireless provider P1. From the start, it offered an enticing package of unlimited calls, SMS, and data that could be yours for below RM100, subject to eligibility. Its two main packages are the webemobile and the webebroadband.

Status of Existing Users

Don’t panic if you’re now using webe for your data needs! The limited-time offer was for registration only, and not for the usage of the package. You’ll still be able to access your current plans at the same price. That means that those who paid for the webemobile unlimited plan will still pay RM79 a month, while those who opted for the 20GB webebroadband plan will still pay RM59 a month for the same amount of data.

What About New Users?

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Well, any new users in the future won’t be subscribing to webe as you know it. However, their website states that there’s a new mobile plan for you that’s in the works, so you might be seeing webe, or a rebranded version of it, sooner than you think. In addition to that, the reason for webe’s goodbye was supposed to be a rebranding to TM’s unifi line of products, but that seems to be unofficial still.

Will webe Become Unifi?

The announcement by TM led many to believe that a huge rebranding exercise is taking place, as TM recently also announced that HyppTV and HyppTV Everywhere has been rebranded into unifi TV and unifi playTV respectively. The rebranding of webe was first announced on Malaysia Day last year in 2017. With the addition of the webe rebranding in the mix, TM will be unifying (pardon the pun) many of its various products under a single UniFi banner.


Don’t be too dismayed by this announcement. After all, webe is saying goodbye, but it isn’t farewell! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next transformation of webe.

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