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If you are a stay-at-home mother, unemployed or an working adult interested to earn additional income aside from your regular salary all the time, then this article is for you. Fret no more for having the nightmare to put in extra hours and effort to make ends meet. To start, register yourselves over hereAfter you have registered yourselves as an affiliate for bolehcompare and having successfully logged in to your portal,  there is a section on the left hand corner of the your portal called the ” Promote Now” section. This is the most essential element of the affiliate portal in order for you to make conversions from advertisement to leads generation. Here is how you can start making money using the ” Promote Now” function.

How to Make Money Using “Promote Now” 

  1. Visit the website
  2. Login to your affiliate account
  3. In ” Promote Now” section, please select which product that you would like to share


4.  Click on ” Promote Now” and then choose which channel you would like to share ( WhatsApp, FB Messenger, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter etc)

5. Those who are interested will click on the ” I’m Interested Sign Me Up” button.


6. Ask them to fill up their particulars in the form given.

7. After filling up, you can check their progress by clicking ” Leads Status”

8. And finally, you can check on the commissions you have earned in the ” Sales ” section.

It looks simple right? We also have college and university students doing this as their part time job to earn some pocket money from their commission to pay their college fees and suitable for retirees and stay – at – home parents too to generate income for their family. Here are some of their testimonials:-

” I can’t believe I can earn RM200 in just 2 hours! Would highly recommend this affiliate program for you to earn extra money” 

Syazwan, 18-

 ” Insurance, loan application, broadband internet options; all available in one platform this is crazy! I can’t believe I’m getting paid to share all these even when I’m retired!”

  – Bala, 60 – 

” This has allowed me to earn extra income while being a property agent! As this is part of a crowsharing platform of MDEC, I can’t be more happier to be part of bolehcompare affiliate program” 

  • – Chong Wai Shen, 32 –

In case if you did not know already, is also featured in the MDEC as their crowdsharing partner, under eRezeki, a scheme where those with low income are able to earn enough to sustain a stable lifestyle.

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