The world has gradually been coming to know the Apple iPhone X, and now Malaysians finally have a confirmed date for when the smartphone will hit Malaysian shores!


Note down this date on your calendar: 24 November 2017. That’s the date stated on the Apple Malaysia website for the release of the iPhone X in Malaysia, a simple “24.11” to mark the day. That’s a fortnight away from now, on a Friday, so if you’re a die-hard fan who’s prepare to queue for the next iPhone, you know what to do!


You can get the new Apple iPhone X at authorised Apple reseller outlets such as Switch and Machines. If you don’t want to spend hours queuing up for your new smartphone, you can opt to pre-order instead. Major Malaysian telcos tend to offer the smartphone for pre-order with attractive bundles at a good price, so you might even want to head there instead if you don’t mind signing up for a plan.

The Colours

Image via Apple Malaysia

Of course, there are a variety of phone cases nowadays to help accessorise and protect your smartphone, but there’s something special in preserving the original colour of your iPhone. It’s why people still nitpick over the offered colour choices. You’ll have two colours to choose from this time, between Silver (codename Panda) and Space Grey. They’re both really cool, neutral colours, but don’t worry – you can add some spunk of your own later.

The Storage

The Apple iPhone X comes with much larger storage than its predecessors. 16GB basic iPhones are pretty much the stuff of history at this point, and the iPhone X sets the bar even higher. You won’t find any 32GB versions anywhere, because the smallest version is a whopping 64GB! Still not enough? Then you can opt for the 256GB storage version.

How Much?

Prepare to break out a pretty penny for these smartphones, because the iPhone X are easily the most expensive iPhone retail prices yet. It might be due to the flagship value, the larger storage space, or our weakened ringgit, but either way, the lowest-tier iPhone X will retail for RM5,149 for the 64GB storage version, and RM5,899 for the 256GB storage version. For an extra RM750, you stand to gain 192GB extra storage space – imagine how many movies and photos that can fit! – but the fact that they both exceed the five-thousand mark is understandably deterring for some.


The queues have already built up in countries that have already welcomed the iPhone X, such as Singapore. Will you join the Malaysian queue?

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