Your privacy is of utmost importance. Usually, your primary concern are hackers, but then sometimes there may be ‘accidental’ hackers in the form of close friends or family members with whom you share your device. On laptops, this is usually not a problem, since you’re able to set up different profiles for different users. How can you keep your phone and tablet data privately yours?

Why Do You Need It?

In this case, it’s probably more of a want than a need, since you’ve been making do for so long with a shared device. But imagine this: now, you won’t have to be worried about your brother laughing at your selfies, or making up creative ways to add friends with common names to your shared contacts list.

The Benefits of Having Separate User Accounts

Separate Images, Videos, Contacts, etc

For the price of apportioned mobile space, you get to enjoy your very own experience on a mobile device. So what if you’ve halved your storage space, if it means that both you and your device’s co-owner get to feel that you truly, personally own the device?


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Since creating multiple user profiles also allows you to set the level and type of restrictions to impose on that profile, this is an easy way to child-proof your device for young children. Simply create a new profile, set the restrictions sky-high (ahem) and let your child play with the device to their heart’s content.


Of course, sometimes it’s just a matter of wanting a little bit of privacy on a budget. For all that you love your significant persons, it’s perfectly normal to want a little bit of privacy to yourself. The use of different user profiles isn’t perfect, but it’s a start.

How Can You Do It?

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The ability to set up multiple user profiles came to Android devices via Version 5.0, or Lollipop. Apple users will have to make do with work-arounds for now, since the latest iOS 10 shows no hint of being very receptive of multi-usership.
Since Android devices are all slightly different from each other, only general instructions can be provided to create multiple user accounts. In general, you should do this:
1. Go into your device’s Settings.
2. Look for Users and Profiles.
3. Set up a new user profile and decide on its restrictions, if any.


Data privacy is a big thing today in a world where so much is public. While sharing is caring, sometimes a bit of privacy is very much welcome, too!

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