Don’t quell your wanderlust just yet! True, there are only three more long weekends to go in 2016, but 2017 is bringing with it more long weekends, more days off, and even more chances for longer travel periods with the least leave applications possible. Isn’t that just awesome?

More Days Off

It’s difficult to defeat 2015’s track record of 11 long weekends, but 2017 isn’t too shabby, either. 2017 boasts 32 days off versus the 30 days we’ve gained from 2016, provided you’re willing to fork out 4 days of vacation leave to enjoy all nine long weekends throughout the year. That’s still one more day gained over 2016.

Same Number of Long Weekends, Better Distribution

2016 has long weekends six months of the year (February, May, July, September, October, and December). On the other hand, 2017 gives you a better chance to space out your breathers by giving you long weekends on eight months of the year (January, April, May, June, August-September, October, and December). You’ll have to weather holiday dry spells during February, March, July, and November, but that’s okay, because 2017 has an amazing surprise in store for you!

TWO Fortnight-Long Breaks

Yes, you can go for holiday for two full weeks; we’re not pulling your leg about this! Basically, you get a sweet 2-for-1 deal. September 2016’s one-week holiday opportunity absolutely cannot hold a candle to this gem. This golden opportunity starts at the end of April all the way to mid-May. More specifically, it will be between 29 April and 14 May, giving you 16 glorious days to go on that dream long-term holiday of yours with minimal impact on your annual leave.

So what’s the secret recipe? In order to get the full 16 days, you’ll need to take 8 days leave on 2nd-5th April and 8th, 9th, 11th, and 12th May. If you don’t celebrate Chinese New Year or Thaipusam or prefer to spend them overseas, next year’s your chance. It’ll be a twin deal to the April-May fortnight: you’ll get 16 days for your holiday for the price of 8 annual leave days, giving you yet another 2-for-1 deal that’s simply irresistible. If you prefer this time-frame, book your holiday for 28th January up until 12th February and apply for leave on 31st January, and 1st-3rd, 6th to 9th February.

If that sounds like a lot, think back: can you remember when you last had a chance to have a two-week-long holiday without draining your annual leave bank dry? (You won’t even need to sacrifice the other long weekends, we promise!) Also, you can do a lot with two weeks: you can backpack, go to farther countries such as the Americas, the UK, Japan, or wherever suits your fancy, and really immerse yourself in your holiday there.

The breaks are absolutely irresistible; two full weeks! It bears repeating over and over, and don’t you forget it! Labour Day and Wesak Day have never been so appreciable, and Chinese New Year escapades never so painless.

Strategic Leave Dates

So what have you gleaned from these nuggets of information we’ve just shared with you? It’s time to plan your annual leave applications in advance, of course. Don’t let your co-workers snatch those holidays before you do!

In order to get all 9 long weekends (sans the two-week holiday, but why would you miss this chance in the first place?), you’ll need to apply for leave for 11th and 12th May (Wesak Day), 22nd September (Awal Muharram weekend) and 20th October (Deepavali weekend). The two-week holiday, as previously mentioned, will either take up another six days in May, the remaining two being the above-mentioned Wesak Day leave, or 1 day in January plus 7 days in February.

In short, submit these dates to your boss As Soon As Possible for a grand total of 40 days off in 2017:

1st January, 1st-3rd & 6th-9th February 2017 OR 2nd-5th & 8th-9th May 2017 (unless you wish to take unpaid leave and get 48 days’ holiday)

11th May 2017

12th May 2017

20th October 2017

*italics are optional for those who will give the two-week holidays a miss (but WHY?)

As you can see, you’re definitely not draining your annual leave allocation dry even with the two-week holiday opportunity. Just go get them all already!


Are you all geared up for 2017? We absolutely can’t wait – here’s to another amazing year!

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