Did you miss the opportunity to subscribe to UniFi back when it still offered its VIP5 and VIP10 plans? Well, now the 10Mbps plan is making a comeback, and it’s cheaper than before, too!

What You Get

The old VIP10 plan offered uniform 10Mbps upload and 10Mbps download speeds for RM199. For the same download speed of 10Mbps but halved upload speed of 5Mbps, you stand to save RM40 a month, because the new UniFi Lite plan retails at RM149. In addition to that, you also stand to get the following items:

VoiceSTD 20 (National Calls)

Jargon aside, this means you get to enjoy 600 minutes of free calls to local numbers. That’s an average of 20 minutes of chat time a day, for free! Beyond the initial 600 minutes, subsequent calls to all TM fixed lines remain free, but you will be charged RM0.10 per minute for calls to other mobile and fixed lines nation-wide. Different rates apply for international calls (but that’s where WhatsApp comes in handy, right?).


Since UniFi is a TM offering, you’re also eligible for free and unlimited access to any TM WiFi points nationwide. This means that you have over 4,000 WiFi hotspots waiting to be tapped all around Malaysia, so you have one less worry about staying connected as you travel around the country!

HyppTV Everywhere

Enjoy HyppTV wherever you go, as long as you have a working Internet connection. You can even enjoy different channels on different devices at the same time, up to two different devices, plus one of three offered by HyppTV Everywhere, namely Aneka, Ruby, or Varnam packs.


For a limited time only, UniFi is offering freebies to go with its new plan. If you wish to grab them, hurry and subscribe now!

Complimentary Viewing Access

UniFi doesn’t plan to just stop at HyppTV. The UniFi LITE Plan also comes with free 30-day viewing of all HyppTV channels (but don’t cry when it gets reduced to just 9 channels for the remaining months!). In addition to that, you also get to enjoy unlimited and complimentary access to iflix, YuppTV, and viu.


HyppTV Packs

You won’t be getting a HyppTV set box with this package; instead, for as low as RM30 a month, you get to enjoy more HyppTV packs on your HyppTV Everywhere service. These packs will also be the ones that will be available to you upon the expiry of your three-month free subscription to HyppTV. The Aneka Pack or the Varnam Pack can be yours for RM30 a month, the Ruby Pack for RM40 a month, or the extra-large Jumbo Pack for RM60 a month.

Security & Surveillance

Would you like to watch over your home through video monitoring aka CCTVs? Access your pre-installed IP cameras through a mobile app, any time, any day, 24/7. And if you so happen to spot any suspicious activity around your home, the system will contact the nearest police station for you, as a pre-emptive measure.

Home Gadget Protection

Want extra safety for your devices? Then go ahead and take advantage of TM’s Home Gadget Protection from as low as RM15 a month. Keep your devices insured against robbery and burglary, accidental damages, flash floods, and lightning strikes — all of which may lead to the destruction of one or more of your expensive devices, so what’s RM15 in comparison?

Parental Control

Do you want to control what your children are viewing? Then splurge RM2 a month to gain access to TM’s iShield Plus or Online Guard Plus and control what your family members can view or use online.


Sign up before 31st May 2017 if you’re hoping to grab free HyppTV channels along with your UniFi package. 9 of HyppTV’s most wanted channels will be free for your viewing pleasure for three months if you’re an early bird! The channels offered are BabyFirst, CBeebies HD, Nick Jr., DreamWorks HD, Boomerang HD, Warner TV HD, RTL CBS Entertainment HD, FOX Cruise HD, and Universal Channel HD. Now everyone in your family can enjoy watching TV!


The UniFi LITE Plan may not be for everyone; if you’re a heavy downloader, for example, you’d likely find this plan inadequate for your needs. But for those looking for more affordable Internet plans, you might want to consider checking the UniFi LITE Plan out. You might end up liking it.

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