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The final version of iOS 11 is a little over a fortnight young by now, and Apple users who own compatible devices would have had some time to get used to the new update, as well as discover some tips and tricks that help make your iOS experience much better than before. Here are a few tricks users have discovered :

Doubled Storage

You won’t be getting double the memory unless you pay for it, but Apple has given you the next best thing with the latest iOS 11: optimised compression formats, which is extremely handy for large photos and videos. Apple claims that the new optimisation update will allow you to store nearly double the amount of photos and videos you could before. Unfortunately, it’s not automatic, since you’ll have to go to Settings > Photos > Optimise iPhone Store. Essentially, this changes the image container format the iOS devices uses from the typical JPEG to HEIC.
Do note that some third-party apps such as Dropbox or Microsoft have yet to become fully compatible with HEIC, so your photos might not be automatically converted to JPEG and cause some viewing problems on platforms such as Windows 10.

Better Apple Maps

Lane guidance is a new feature on Apple Maps, and it’s the one thing that will allow more precise and understandable directions while driving. But not just that – Apple Maps will also be useable once you’re indoors, or at least when you’re visiting major shopping centres and airports worldwide, because it’ll include indoor maps of the buildings as well! Forget about searching for that navigation booth, because you’ll have it right at your fingertips.

DND While Driving

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Your Apple device can now prevent others from disturbing you when you drive! It can be enabled in three ways: manually, when it detects your car accelerating, and when it connects to your car’s Bluetooth. The third option will allow calls through but still mute notifications. iOS users who are frequently passengers might prefer setting DND to manual, though, otherwise you’ll end up getting persistent messages to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature. Read this article to know more.

One-Handed Keyboard

The typical iPhone’s size is still comfortable and ergonomic enough to be used with one hand, but the same cannot be said for the iPhone Plus unless you’ve large hands. And yet all of us are guilty at one point or another of one-handed smartphone operation, notably while we’re eating or (ahem) driving. Well, if you still want all those keys within thumb’s reach, now you can: iOS 11 now allows you to use the default keyboard one-handedly by holding the emoji key and selecting one-handed typing to squeeze all the keys closer to one side.

Customisable Control Centre

What’s the point of having a control centre if it cannot function as the main centre of command? Apparently, that’s what Apple thought, too, because four versions since the introduction of its Control Centre, Apple has finally allowed you to customise the shortcuts made available to you on your Control Centre screen itself, so that you can tailor it to your habits. Some default functions are there to stay, but you can rig many other shortcuts any way you want.

Instant WiFi Password Sharing

Ever wanted to obtain a WiFi password but it’s nowhere to be found, and your friend can’t remember it? Now, with iOS 11, all you have to do is to sidle up to someone who’s already using the WiFi network, hold your device close to theirs, and you’ll get the password, just like that. No more memorising or hunting for passwords as long as you know the network’s name.

Import Settings

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Got iOS 11 together with your brand-new Apple device? Previously, you had to transfer your data to your iCloud then download it onto your new device, but not anymore. With iOS 11, simply hold your old and new devices close together, snap the image displayed on one device like a fancy QR code, and voila, all your settings, preferences, and iCloud Keychain passwords will be imported! Now that’s much more nifty than resetting your items one by one!


The iOS 11 comes packed with quite a few improvements over the iOS 10, some small, some huge. Do you like it?

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