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Maxis seems to have a new way for you to say hello to the Internet, and it goes by the really cute, fun name of Ookyo! At the same time, Ookyo is a newbie on the block no one knows much about. So what is this Ookyo about, and why is it so hip?

What is Ookyo?

Ookyo is pronounced “ooh-key-yo”. The logic behind its name is unclear as of yet, but its initial advertisements seem to target the hip, young, and constantly online. Its spunky, colourful ads are sure to brighten your day – but don’t let that distract you from the goodies on offer!

Is It an MVNO?

An MVNO, or a mobile virtual network operator, is a reseller of wireless communications services. Basically, if the four main mobile network operators in Malaysia are like wholesalers, MNVOs contracting with them are like retailers.

Is It a Sub-Brand?

It seems that, pending official announcements from Maxis on its website or other social platforms, that Ookyo is silently Maxis’s sub-brand. For starters, it is copyrighted to Maxis Bhd, which wouldn’t happen if it didn’t belong to Maxis. Ookyo’s website is also registered under Maxis Communications Berhad, so that should be another good indicator of Ookyo’s roots.

Why Ookyo?

Unlimited Data

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Do you absolutely love your mobile entertainment and would like nothing more than to laze with it 24/7? Well, now you can do it without Wi-Fi and without worrying about data caps – at least if your favourite apps are among the thankfully wide range of unlimited Internet apps on offer via Ookyo. Choose between the Social Pack and the Entertainment Pack for your unlimited Internet fix!
The Social Pack offers unlimited Internet for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, KakaoTalk, Line, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Snapchat, while the Entertainment Pack offers unlimited Internet for Spotify, Wechat, Smule, Musically, BIGO Live, 9GAG, and Shazam, on top of Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

High Speed

There’ll be no compromise on speed when you enjoy unlimited data with Ookyo! Ookyo runs on Maxis’s 4G network, so you can expect your Internet browsing to be a breeze, especially in urban areas such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

3GB Internet for Other Browsing

It’s normal for you to use your smartphone for something other than casual browsing, once in a while. Don’t worry, Ookyo’s providing you with 3GB per month for all your other Internet-based uses, and it’s also high-speed! If you need more for specific apps – say, YouTube – you can always purchase passes for RM3 per hour, or RM8 for 3 hours. Prices vary by app.

Google Play Credit Gains

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Get 10% Google Play Credit rebates whenever you spend via the Ookyo app, earn up to RM100 worth of Google Play Credits when you refer Ookyo to up to five friends, and rack ’em up as much as you can simply by using Ookyo and keeping the account active! You’ll soon be able to purchase those paid apps you’ve been eyeing but unwilling to fork out cash for.

How to Ookyo

Download the App

Ookyo, for all that it is a prepaid offering, actually conducts its business 100% digitally – so don’t go looking for it in brick and mortar stores! Download the app from the Google Play Store instead.

Sign Up a Card

It’s a fully digital platform, so your days of making a trip to the nearest mobile store for prepaid cards may well be over once you hop over to Ookyo. You’ll be prompted to register a debit or credit card, and Ookyo will conduct all its transactions through that card, including your top-ups. Yes, that means you never need to worry about credit expiry as long as you stick with Ookyo!


Are you finding both the Social and Entertainment Packs too limited for your tastes? For as low as RM3 per app per month, feel free to add more Unlimited Passes for more apps beyond those initial starter packs. Waze, for example, will cost you RM3 per month for unlimited use. Maxis has over 100 apps on board and is looking to add more, so stay tuned!

Who Can Ookyo?

At the moment, Ookyo is for Android users only, thanks to its integration with Google Play Store for purchases and rewards. Sorry, iOS users – perhaps a little later?


Why’s Maxis being so secretive about this explosive new plan? Perhaps only time can tell, but in the meantime, enjoy Ookyo!

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