The Fastest Google Search Shortcuts You Need to Know


Featured image via The Google search engine is a very helpful tool. Such search engines have revolutionised the way we look for information: if you want to know something, type the keywords into the Search bar and you’re all set. But for all its convenience, did you know that the Google search engine can be optimised even more? Quotation ...

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How Long Should Your Holiday Be?


A month-long holiday in the country of your dreams sounds like the trip of a lifetime, and for many people, it probably is. It isn’t easy to ditch work, family, children, education, and pretty much everything else to go traipsing out of the country just at the drop of a hat. Short, weekend trips, however, stretched to spill just past ...

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Stay Connected Overseas with Celcom’s 7-Day 3-in-1 Pass!


Featured image via Celcom Roaming used to be an expensive, one-day affair, which doesn’t always make sense when most of us go overseas for days at a time. Well, no more of that — Celcom’s 7-day, 3-in-1 Pass is the perfect way to keep in touch with friends and family while you’re off gallivanting on your year-end holiday! What Does ...

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New Year Resolution: The Return of Nokia


Gen-X and Gen-Y people should be intimately familiar with the Nokia brand of phones. Even if you’re not from Gen-X or Gen-Y, then you would have at least been exposed to the countless memes depicting old Nokia phones as being trusty and very indestructible (maybe not water-proof, but it can definitely handle a tall fall or two!). Nokia blipped off ...

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Is Your Phone on WhatsApp’s Kill List?


In February 2016, WhatsApp announced its plans to stop supporting certain mobile platforms by the end of 2016. Since we are three weeks away to the new year, it’s high time you do a quick check to see if your phone – or more accurately, your phone’s operating system – can still run WhatsApp in 2017 before it’s too late. ...

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How Safe are Mobile NFC Payments?


Featured image via ChromeSpot Mobile wallets are starting to join credit and debit cards as part of our change towards a cashless world. Western countries have been adopting cashless payments for a while now, with the likes of Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, to name the more global players. The past two years has seen Malaysia moving rather ...

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Gooligan Alert!


Featured image via MBedded Are you running on Android 4 or 5, Jellybean, KitKat, or Lollipop? Then beware, because a new malware is in town, and it seems to have Asians as its primary targets. Its name is Gooligan, first detected in August 2015, and it is now tool behind the successful infection of 1.3 million Android phones since August ...

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Is Your Phone’s Service Being Disrupted?


Have you experienced dropped calls, delays in receiving SMS or messages, or suddenly terrible Internet connections? For once, it isn’t necessarily due to deteriorating service or a burdened network, so you can stop the blame game this time — your network service provider cannot help it! The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, MCMC, the regulator of the communications and multimedia ...

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