Double Data for MaxisONE Subscribers


Featured image via Maxis You’re not alone in thinking to port to Celcom upon the announcement of their data hike; many postpaid users were feeling the same. Luckily for you MaxisONE subscribers, you’ll be spared the hassle of porting out soon enough when Maxis rolls out its doubled-up data quotas come 15-18 November 2016. Image via Maxis Common Perks All ...

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Rethinking ‘Disposable’ Products


The phrase “disposable product” means that you’re meant to throw the product away once you’ve used it for the recommended number of times or for the recommended time frame.  However, it should be noted that not all things labelled “disposable” need be disposed off right away.  Some things are still good for a few more uses as long as you ...

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The Price of Citizenship


Once a citizen, always a citizen – or is it? The Malaysian diaspora is a well-lamented problem. Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) tried to curb some of this brain drain by introducing the Returning Expert Programme (REP) to attract Malaysians to return home and the Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) to retain skilled expatriates in Malaysia. These programmes assess the individual based ...

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What’s the Deal with EPF’s Akaun Emas?


The way EPF handles your monthly monetary contributions is about to change. Previously, both you and your employer (if any) funnel those contributions to EPF, who then splits that amount 70:30 respectively into Account 1 and Account 2. Account 1 stood for the amount that you cannot withdraw no matter what until you’re 55 or permanently incapacitated; Account 2 can ...

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Beware: Bogus Email Alert!


Featured image via You’ve been cautioned to be wary of strangers, whether they come in person, call, SMS, or email forms, and you’re right to take precautions. Falling victim to scams will leave you with cases of identity theft, stolen money, personal details, and much more besides, depending on which scam you fell for. The latest form of these ...

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Broadband Wars: Who’s the Best?


Great news: from 2017 onwards, we can supposedly look forward to twice our current broadband speed for the same price over the next two years plus a lifestyle tax relief that also includes relief for an Internet subscription! Maxis’s call for a standard of measurement for telcos in November is the rallying call to quantify the next -est, this time ...

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Lifestyle Tax: Good or Bad?


It’s not just home financing schemes that’s gotten a make-over; the way you claim your tax relief is just about to change, too. The new tax is called the ‘lifestyle tax’, and it’s actually an amalgamation of several different tax reliefs that were available (or once available) several years prior. Even better yet, it looks like it might still be ...

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Financing Your Home is About to Get Easier


The term end-financing has been cropping up quite often recently in the wake of the recently-announced Budget 2017, most notably in the promise of a step-up end-financing scheme that will make home acquisition easier for first-time home buyers. But to the initiated, what exactly is end-financing, and how does it help? End-Financing End-financing is basically a loan the average Malaysian ...

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