Elections 101: Date Rumours

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Chinese New Year celebrations have ended although the festival itself will last until the 15th day of the Lunar calendar, until 2nd March 2018. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed CNY with plenty of good food and angpows to go around. We may not have angpows for you, but we can help you win cash prizes and more […]


Where Does Your Smartphone Sleep?

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Smartphones are our closest friends. Literally. They stay in our pockets or bags during the day and stay nearby to act as morning alarm clocks during the night. The only times they might be away from the typical modern user is when they’re charging. Since you probably use your smartphones to wake up in the […]


The Best Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium

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For better for or worse, your car insurance, unlike the other types of insurance you can take out, is a compulsory item for every motorised vehicle owner in Malaysia. The cost of buying or renewing your insurance can be pretty costly. However, you’ll be glad to know that there are ways to reduce your car […]


Jimatkan masa untuk renew insurans kereta

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Roadtax dan insurans merupakan perkara yang penting jika kita memiliki kenderaan, sama ada kereta mahupun motosikal. Jika tiada roadtax anda mungkin akan dikenakan saman oleh polis trafik dan jika tiada insurans kereta anda mungkin tiada pelindungan ketika berlaku kemalangan.   Tahukah anda ada 2 jenis insurans yang kita boleh pilih :- 1) Insurans komprehensif – […]


Go Blue this Valentine’s with Oppo’s Limited Edition F5!

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Featured image via Facebook Red for Valentine’s is so over-rated now – or at least, that’s what Oppo seems to think, considering the Dashing Blue Limited Edition Oppo F5 smartphone that it’s marketing as a Valentine gift. But, well, why blue? F5 Special Editions The Oppo F5 has been the subject of special editions before. […]


How to Get Personal Loans on a Small Income

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Featured image via Seatech Week Personal loans are indeed still possible for those who get by on small incomes. You just have a few more things to consider before getting one in comparison to in the future when your finances are in better order. Without further ado, here are some items worth considering before you […]