What’s New on WhatsApp?

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Many updates to WhatsApp are quiet, and it’s not something we know of beforehand unless it goes viral over the Internet, like the whole sharing-your-private-information-with-Facebook uproar back in September 2016. Here are a few more goodies that you should know about one of the most-used chatting apps in the world: Flash for Photo- and Video-Shooting […]


Your Credit Score is Going Public!

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Yes, you read that right: your credit score can now be accessed as easily as opening a phone app, at least for the first 100,000 app users. Malaysian credit reporting agency CTOS launched its CTOS app that provides information on your identity verification, business exposure, repayment behaviour, legal actions, case status, and bankruptcy information for […]


Double Data for MaxisONE Subscribers

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Featured image via Maxis You’re not alone in thinking to port to Celcom upon the announcement of their data hike; many postpaid users were feeling the same. Luckily for you MaxisONE subscribers, you’ll be spared the hassle of porting out soon enough when Maxis rolls out its doubled-up data quotas come 15-18 November 2016. Image […]


Rethinking ‘Disposable’ Products

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The phrase “disposable product” means that you’re meant to throw the product away once you’ve used it for the recommended number of times or for the recommended time frame.  However, it should be noted that not all things labelled “disposable” need be disposed off right away.  Some things are still good for a few more […]


The Price of Citizenship

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Once a citizen, always a citizen – or is it? The Malaysian diaspora is a well-lamented problem. Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) tried to curb some of this brain drain by introducing the Returning Expert Programme (REP) to attract Malaysians to return home and the Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) to retain skilled expatriates in Malaysia. These […]