What is Quick Charge?


We practically live with our phones glued to our sides nowadays. That makes it all the more difficult for us to part with our phones to charge them – because, as you know (and do), you shouldn’t use your phones when you charge them. That’s why Quick Charge the time-saver is here to save the day! What is Quick Charge? ...

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Optimise Your Searches with Chrome 60!


Who doesn’t like being efficient? The Internet is a great boon to knowledge, but it can also be a bane if you can’t figure out the keywords you need to get the results you want! Google understands this, and for a long time, it’s been updating its search engines and techniques to make searches easier for you. Some of the ...

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Welcome the Xiaomi Note 2 Special Edition!


Featured image via Kimovil Xiaomi has been teasing the world with a new phone, and it was finally revealed on 11th July 2017 : it’s called the Mi Note 2 Special Edition, and it is set to pop some expectations. What’s New? Special edition smartphones have been becoming the norm nowadays, such as the red Oppo smartphone for Valentine’s. The ...

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Send Any File Through WhatsApp!


Featured image via ARWebzone The use of WhatsApp is pretty much ubiquitous nowadays, whether for casual or office use. From simple messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, WhatsApp has now expanded to include customization of font styles, daily picture statuses, and much more. Fresh out of beta testing is WhatsApp’s ability to share any type of file through ...

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Save for Haj with e-THiJARI


Featured image via e-THiJARI For Muslims, a pilgrimage to Mecca is a rite of passage and a responsibility for those who can afford it. The pilgrimage, or ‘menunaikan haji’ in Malay, refers to the act of visiting an important and revered place (Mecca). Image via Universitas Abulyatama What is the Role of Tabung Haji? Tabung Haji, or the Pilgrims Fund ...

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Nokia + ZEISS Optics = ?


The tech world was pretty much abuzz when Oppo announced its partnership with renowned camera and sports optics products manufacturer Leica to produce the Oppo P9, geared towards photography. Recently, Nokia, under the belt of HMD Global, has announced its intent to rekindle its exclusive relationship with optics and optoelectronics expert ZEISS Optics. Who is ZEISS Optics? ZEISS Optics is ...

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Celcom’s EasyPhone Plan


Featured image via Celcom Have you enjoyed splurging this Raya? Then what do you think of the idea of extending the Raya cheer with a brand new smartphone as easily as A-B-C or 1-2-3? Because that’s what Celcom is offering, if you’re willing to take it. What is the EasyPhone Plan? EasyPhone is Celcom’s way of making the latest 4G ...

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Facebook’s Profile Picture Guard


The risk of Facebook identity theft may hopefully become a thing of the past with Facebook finally playing a pro-active measure in the prevention of identity theft, or more specifically in this case, photo theft. How Does It Work? Your friends recognise your Facebook profile primarily through your mutual friends, profile photos, and uploaded photos. Written information can easily be ...

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