Does it Pay to be Loyal?

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Are the days of brand loyalty dead and gone, or are they still going strong? In this age of transience and fast-paced change, everyone seems to be game to try something new. And yet the brand names that have been around for generations and withstood the test of time, behemoths that have become generalised mascots […]


How to Spot a Winning Durian

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Featured image via Blogspot.com Malaysia’s durian season started later than usual this year, making it possible for durian lovers and curious first-timers to continue sniffing out the best of the king of fruits well into the month of July. Actually, improved logistics and strong demand has caused durian to become available all-year round, but durian […]


Sneaky Scams and How to Avoid Them

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Featured image via BestThinking.com A woman in Labuan became one of the latest Malaysian victims of an Internet scam reported this year. Reports of scammed victims surface ever so often on social media and in newspapers, so much that we may become desensitised except for a small note on how much they lost. That’s naive […]


How to Benefit from Social Media

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The days of the dot com boom saw a surge of commercialisation of the virtual world, as well as online platforms that allow us to connect, share and interact with people across the globe. Today, such social media has grown far beyond your personal bubble. Today, both worlds collide as marketers have learned to appreciate […]


Seven Things Your Bank Will Never Ask You

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The existence of banks have made large-scale purchases more of a convenience than ever, and cards are heaven-sent pieces of plastic when you’re caught in an unexpected financial crisis. However, our dependence on banks also leaves us vulnerable to deceit. Educate yourself on banking procedures so that you’ll be able to catch the scams before you […]


Is it Safe to Buy Phones Online?

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The availability of e-shopping has opened up a world of opportunities. No longer are we constrained by geographical limitations for our purchases; everything, from services to books and other paraphernalia, can be booked, if not outright bought, online, via your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Even those Internet-enabled devices themselves can be bought online! The […]