What’s Eating Your Electricity?


Saving money doesn’t just mean buying less, eating out less, or substituting with generic brand items. Besides curbing new costs, you should also consider cutting down costs that you normally consider a necessary evil. Everyone pays for electricity, yes, and nearly everyone pays for water, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more than what’s necessary to keep your ...

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Brokers: What Do They Actually Do?


A broker is a person whose job is to bring together a buyer and a seller and will usually also handle negotiations between the two parties. In other words, a broker is a third-party facilitator between a buyer and seller, better known as the middle-man. Brokers are different from agents and dealers, although they do have certain similar job scopes. ...

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Could Being Lazy Make You Successful?


“I choose a lazy person to do a difficult job…because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, probably received numerous incredulous stares for this statement at one point. Thing is, once the initial shock died down, people actually agreed with him. He wasn’t exactly the first one to come up with ...

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A Minimum Wage Life in Malaysia Illustrated


Living on minimum wage isn’t easy. It means living on just RM900 in Peninsular Malaysia, or RM800 in Sabah and Sarawak. Sounds impossible, right? Now imagine supporting your entire family on this wage! Unfortunately, this exercise is the reality for many Malaysians, even those living in the capital city. You can but survive, not live. Minimum wage earners still have ...

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3 Perks Worth Negotiating For In A Job


All of us want a pay raise, especially in these financially trying times, but the “yes” for a fatter paycheck will undoubtedly be difficult to wrangle from employers. Non-monetary benefits, however, are a different can of worms. We already get some of the common ones, such as unpaid leave, company trips, and for some lucky, loyal ones, sabbaticals. But here ...

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11 Things You Should Know About Life Insurance


What most of us know about life insurance is that it heaps a huge pay-off upon the death of the insured, or upon expiry of the policy. However, there are more things you need to consider when you’re getting one, such as: 1. You need a higher death benefit than you think A million-ringgit policy may sound like a lot, ...

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Financial Issues Faced By Young Malaysians

You’ve been taught to believe that good academic performance equals a good job and a good life. How true is it? Entry-level pay for many jobs are far from lucrative, and young adults are finding it difficult to make ends meet now that they’ve been more or less cut off from their childhood personal banks (read: parents). So what financial ...

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How to Get Your Budget Back on Track


It’s almost too easy to burst your budget if you live toeing the line with your budget plan eating up every cent…then here comes someone’s birthday or wedding or dinner, and your “oops, just this once” moment tips your budget over the edge. This isn’t a problem if it occurs once in a while, since you’ll be able to compensate ...

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