Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder


If you work hard, you’ll succeed – otherwise you’ll end up like that person over there (cue indiscreet pointing at any low-skilled worker)! It’s a familiar phrase growing up Malaysian, or Asian for that matter. However, truthfully, working hard isn’t enough. You need to work smart. In fact, working smart is probably more important than working hard. Working hard at ...

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Does Being a Millionaire Make You Happy?


Everyone has dreamed of being rich. After all, millionaires look like the happiest people on the planet; and if wealth equals happiness then why not, right? But does being a millionaire really guarantee happiness? Advantages of Being a Millionaire 1. You’re Financially Secure. Well, sort of. Your million will continue to lose value the longer you store it in cash ...

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What Makes the Price of Oil Go Up or Down?


They say money makes the world go round, and to a large extent, that is true. But without oil, you won’t have petrol, plastics, Styrofoam, plasters, gloves, hoses, gasoline, and a whole host of other things that depend partially or wholly on oil. No, oil doesn’t refer to just the cooking oil you use in the kitchen. Oil, when discussed ...

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Things You Should Know About the Malaysian Flag


We celebrate Merdeka Day on the 31st of August and Malaysia Day on the 16th of September. The most common way a Malaysian displays patriotism and respect on these days is to fly the Malaysian flag, but how well do you know it beyond its colours, final design, and name? The Star in the Malaysian Flag Did you know that the ...

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Should You Invest in Gold Now?


Gold is safe. Gold is pretty, shiny, wealth-proving, long-lasting, and inflation-busting, but most importantly, it’s considered a ‘safe haven’ for investors. People aren’t afraid to buy gold because they know its value will only increase, or at the very least remain the same once adjusted for inflation, over time. But is now a good time to be dabbling in it? ...

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The Average Malaysian Diet Revealed


The act of eating and dealing with food is something that goes beyond the need to survive for many Malaysians. Our multi-cultural background has created a society whose palate is vast and diverse. Eating, to us, is a social event: a survey conducted by the Malaysian Food Barometer in 2013 found that 72% of Malaysians prefer to eat with company. ...

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Should You Buy Your Child a Home?


Should you buy your kid a home? And if you decide that you should, how should you go about doing it? As with many things in life, there are many ways to go about it. Fully Fund the House The most difficult for you, and the easiest for your child, is to fully foot the cost of the house on ...

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything


Impulse shopping feels really good when we’re stressed out or down in the dumps, but it’s really bad for your wallet and your finances! Your home will also become crowded with things you don’t really need. Fear not. There are ways to curb impulse shopping, and you don’t even need to become a penny-pincher to do it – you just ...

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