Free Apps for Your Travel Needs

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Has the travel bug bitten you yet this holiday season? November and December represent the longest unbroken holidays for school-going kids, so that’s when they’ll start clamouring for that trip that you’ve been putting off for the past year because they had school. Crowding is a bad enough an ordeal to endure during these times, […]


Reasons to Pay a Higher Down-Payment

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If you’re new to real estate with a small fund to start with, you’re probably worried about the high loan rejection rates by Bank Negara Malaysia, which is reportedly as high as 70%, although several states such as Penang has tried to overcome this problem by creating new, lower-value categories of affordable housing, for starters, […]


The Importance of Good English

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For years now, our leaders have been oscillating between advocating for the English language and upholding the importance of our mother tongue, the Malay language. The concern led to the PPSMI program, where Mathematics and Science subjects were taught in English – only to be aborted in just six years, when just a single batch […]