JPJ’s on WhatsApp!


Is Twitter not fast enough, Facebook not viral enough, or police station reports not straightforward enough for you? Well, now JPJ has chosen to open a WhatsApp hotline for your complaints, so it should be faster than ever! What is JPJ’s WhatsApp Channel? JPJ’s WhatsApp channel is the Road Transport Department’s latest bid to ensure road safety for all its ...

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What is Edge Sense?


Featured image via Pocket-Lint Smartphone technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past few decades since its inception, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The next few years promises to be as exciting as the years before it, but for now, here’s one of the latest mobile technologies to hit the market: the Edge Sense, ...

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FREE HyppTV for a Month!


Featured image via TM Raya has been running in full swing, so why not spice it up with a month-long HyppTV celebration, all for free? Yes, ALL for Free Forget about viewing selected basic channels only. HyppTV is offering its full range of channels for everyone to enjoy, at no cost, for an entire month. It doesn’t matter whether you ...

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Waze’s Raya Rush Hotspots Alert


Hari Raya is but a week away, and for Malaysians, it’s either time to celebrate, or time to enjoy an extended weekend holiday. That said, though, as Hari Raya is one of the major festivals in Malaysia, it also means that travelers will have to gear up for the dreaded exodus and resultant traffic jam. But don’t worry, because Waze ...

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Maxis’s Zero Bill Shock


One problem with postpaid packages is the inability to know how much you have spent (accidentally or otherwise) before you receive the bill at the end of the billing cycle. Prepaid users have that problem, too, which they find out when they suddenly run out of credit! Luckily for Maxis users, Maxis promises to get rid of this problem with ...

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Now Android’s Also Ready to GO!


Featured image via PC Advisor Looks like ‘GO’ is the new catchphrase for giant launches in 2017. First we had the rave Pokemon Go in 2016, Astro GO (a revamp of Astro on the Go) earlier in the year, and now it looks like Android is picking up the same moniker with its new project name, Android Go, whose compatible ...

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Celcom’s Android Messages: The Successor of SMS?


Featured image via CapGemini Android Messages, according to Celcom, is the future of messaging, and it symbolises one more step towards the replacement of Short Messaging Service, fondly known as SMS. This is made possible with Rich Communication Service, or RCS for short. What is RCS? Image via Open Connection As aforementioned, RCS stands for Rich Communication Service, which can ...

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NJOI Now with Astro!


Featured image via Astro Astro seems to be rolling out free versions of its services lately. First there was Astro GO, the revamped version of Astro on the Go, and now a free version of Astro NJOI, called NJOI Now, is available for your viewing pleasure. What is NJOI Now? Image via Astro Like Astro GO, NJOI Now is Astro’s ...

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