A Simple Guide To A Smart Retirement Plan

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Your retirement plan is hardly what you have in mind when you’re young and healthy. If you’ve already thought about investing, though, congratulations! Smart, long-term investments will be a part of your retirement plan whether you’ve actively arranged it or not. Otherwise, here’s what you need to do to shore up your retirement plans: 1. […]


7 Skills A Freelancer Absolutely Needs To Succeed

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Freelancers are a misunderstood bunch. When we’re stuck in a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday (or Saturday!) job, the seemingly free and flexible schedule of a freelancer is to die for. Maybe you’ve considered throwing in your letter to live the good life as a freelancer. But wait. Do you have what it takes to be your own […]


Do Energy-Efficient Appliances Really Save You Money?

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We’re big on saving the planet nowadays, and one way to do that is by saving energy, since by using less energy, you’re using less non-renewable energy (most of Malaysia’s electricity is generated with natural gas, two rapidly depleting resources), release less pollutants, and reduce your carbon footprint. We even have our own energy efficiency […]


Is Your Emergency Fund Costing You Money?

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Emergency funds are meant for emergencies, but what constitutes an emergency? Is it only for extreme cases such as job loss or long-term medical leave, or is it also for unexpected sporadic expenses such as car repairs or emergency medical expenses? If it’s for all of the above, how much should you save, or should […]