15 Financial Milestones You Should Achieve by 30

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At 30 years young, you’ve left the ignorance of childhood, the bliss of adolescence, and the confusion of young adulthood behind. You should have gained enough mistakes and learned from them to more mature in many aspects of your life, including money matters now that your parents aren’t (or shouldn’t) be doing that for you […]


5 Credit Card Mistakes You Can Bounce Back From

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We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are irreparable and costly. Thankfully, even credit card mistakes aren’t all equally lethal to your financial health. Here are 5 credit card mistakes you can afford to make…though you should try to avoid them in the first place! Taking too long to get a […]


12 Investments For Your Safety

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“The world is a dangerous place” is a phrase that you probably hear a lot. Unexpected, dangerous situations can happen anytime, so you should take measures to safeguard yourself.  Besides becoming more careful and alert of your surroundings, you can also purchase some items that will buy you peace of mind and safety. Pepper Spray […]