What is a Zero-Sum Budget Plan?

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The crux of the zero-sum budget plan is to ‘spend’ every ringgit you make this month… in the next month. In short, you’ll be paying February’s expenses with your January pay cheque, which makes budgeting a little easier, even for those with variable income, since you’ll definitely know how much you’ve made this month. You […]


Things to Avoid During a Recession

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Recession is a difficult time for many of us, and it is a time when prudent spending is crucial, if not downright necessary. You’ll have to take some risks, of course, but some risks just aren’t worth taking. What more should you avoid during a recession besides excessive spending? Taking on New Debt Recession means […]


What is a Will, and Do You Need One?

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Malaysians, or Asians in general, don’t like to talk about death, much less their own. Unfortunately, our lives are finite, and we will definitely leave one day. Wouldn’t you like to ensure your loved ones are well cared for with your worldly assets when that day comes? That’s what wills are for. About Wills A […]