8 Smart Retirement Moves to Make in Your 20s

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It’s never to late to start building up your nest egg. Ideally, you can begin saving the moment you hit the workforce. You might worry that your small starting pay isn’t enough to sustain you, let alone be divided into ‘save’ and ‘spend’, but saving early has many benefits that will pay off as you grow […]


6 Money Issues In Marriage & How To Solve Them

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Money and marriage is an oil-and-water conundrum. Arguments about money never stops and couples are fight about money during good or bad economic times, and poorly-handled arguments may even lead to divorce. Note these common money conflicts and try to avoid them if you want to keep your marriage off the rocks. 1. Its Mine, Yours […]


The Five Cs of A Credit Analysis

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The five Cs of credit are judgemental factors which banks and other lenders use to evaluate a potential borrower’s quality before deciding whether to lend. The five Cs are Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Conditions. CHARACTER Character is the general impression of the borrower based on his or her personal and business reputation. The lender […]


10 Financial Steps to Take Before Having Kids

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Having kids is the next step in your marital life. They’re cute, adorable, lovable…but also extremely expensive. Kids will be a constant drain on your resources for the next two decades, so you’ll have to plan well before you have them. Here are some things you should do before welcoming a new addition to your […]