Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything

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Impulse shopping feels really good when we’re stressed out or down in the dumps, but it’s really bad for your wallet and your finances! Your home will also become crowded with things you don’t really need. Fear not. There are ways to curb impulse shopping, and you don’t even need to become a penny-pincher to […]


How to Beat Procrastination & Get Work Done

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Some of you have probably gotten procrastination down to a science. You swear that you’ll do something productive with your life today. You’ll figure out everything that needs done. You’ll even itemise them in a to-do list and organise them according to priority…and then you flop over and do nothing else for the rest of […]


What Happens When a Country is in Recession?

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When a country is in recession, it usually means that the country’s economy is experiencing an all-round activity slow-down. People start spending and investing less while unemployment and bankruptcy go up. In technical terms, recession is when there is a decline in a country’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP) for more than two quarters in a […]


How Does Currency Exchange Work?

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Currency exchange is not only for investors or those trading currency. In fact, you have probably engaged in currency exchange many times without even realising it yourself! Currency Exchange Defined Currency exchange occurs when a person trades one currency for another. The most direct example is when you trade our Malaysian ringgit for US dollars […]


What’s Eating Your Electricity?

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Saving money doesn’t just mean buying less, eating out less, or substituting with generic brand items. Besides curbing new costs, you should also consider cutting down costs that you normally consider a necessary evil. Everyone pays for electricity, yes, and nearly everyone pays for water, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay more than […]