25 Ways To Save Money In 2015


We’re all feeling the pinch of a poor economy compounded by GST this year. Luckily, there are many avenues open for exploring that can help us save a bit here and there that, when accumulated, can come up to a pretty sum. Below are some opportunities up for grabs: Take advantage of cash-back and reward credit cards. Shop smart and ...

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How to Invest Small Amounts of Money


Starting small is a lot easier and logical than starting big. The same principle applies to investment. When you’ve a bit of money left over, and you’re hoping to start making it grow, either directly or indirectly, here are some ways to start investing, even if your amount is just around RM3,000; it’s still better than nothing! Build an Emergency ...

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5 Smartphone Apps that Can Help You Save Money


We all love stuff that help us save money – remember the irresistibility of that honking “Buy 1, Free 1” sign above the item that you don’t really need, but really want to buy anyway to get it at half price? And do you cringe when you see your astronomical phone bill? No worries, there are mobile apps on both ...

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5 Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost


1. Paying Only The Minimum Payment Making only the monthly minimum payments is one of the easiest and fastest ways to accumulate credit card debt. A standard credit card’s minimum payment could be 5% of the total outstanding balance or RM50 – whichever is higher. If you are unable to make full payments, a higher partial payment will save you ...

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9 Signs You Are Taking Frugality Too Far


Saving money is a good thing, but saving too much to the point of becoming stingy or selfish tarnishes your image and negatively impacts your lifestyle. Take a look at the 9 signs below to see if you’re being too frugal. 1. You Wash And Reuse Plastic Bags It’s great that you don’t want to contribute to landfills, but instead ...

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Medical Card: 5 Basic Things You Should Know


A medical card is a handy thing to have when you fall ill or become hospitalised. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a medical card, whether for yourself or for your family members: 1. Panel Hospital Each insurance company has their own list of collaborating hospitals. If you are admitted to a panel hospital, you don’t need ...

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