The Best Way to Reduce Flight Costs

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Traveling by plane is fast and efficient, especially for long-distance travel, but it is costly. Those who have traveled to far-away destinations should notice that their flight tickets eat up a significant chunk of their budget. That said, there are ways to reduce that cost – or even make it totally free! Frequent Flyer Miles […]


Best New Way to Save Space for Mobile Games

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Featured image adapted from HowtoGeek Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could test a game to see if you liked it or not before you actually squeeze some space for it on your smartphone’s precious memory space? Well, if you’re on Android, now you can! Google Play Instant Image via Gadget Hacks The […]


The Best Internet for Your Home

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There’s never enough data or phone battery to go around if you have to use your phone’s data at home as well! As a consumer, your choices for the perfect Internet network provider for your home is growing. Telcos, such as Maxis, and independent Internet providers, such as TIME, have increased their influence in Malaysia […]