Samsung’s Best Gaming Phone – Yes or No?

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Featured image via YouTube Samsung recently submitted and obtained a patent for one or some of its future phones. Apparently, Samsung has been eyeing the gaming market, because this patent is centred primarily on the gaming experience. Will it revolutionise mobile phone gaming? Current Problems with Phone Gaming For all that mobile phones are getting […]


Not Just Grab, Now You Can Also GrabPay!

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Featured image via Grab Malaysians living in major cities in Malaysia – Penang, Langkawi, Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Melaka, we’re looking at you! – are able to take advantage of Grab’s JustGrab service. For the rest of us, Grab represents a ride-hailing service that’s grown in popularity over the years. Now Grab is set […]


Apple Says Hi from Lazada!

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So far, Malaysians tend to get their Apple gadgets from the Apple website, major telcos, or authorised Apple resellers. We may have Switch and Machines outlets, but Apple itself is noticeably absent from Malaysia. But that’s going to change soon – even if it’s not a conventional brick-and-mortar one. But Wait…Apple’s Already There! If you’re […]


Enjoy Shopping Scam-Free!

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As much as we trust authorised retailers and official websites, it’s undeniable that the prices of the goods and services they offer tend to cost a bit more (or a lot more, depending on the circumstances). You’ll also be hard-pressed to find pre-loved items through those websites. At the same time, though, you’re wary about […]


The Best Way to Use Your Smartphone Anonymously

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Our privacy is something valuable that is hard to maintain in this day and age. A lot of our personal information can be gleaned and even stolen. Sometimes, it’s for something relatively benign if annoying, such as consumer behaviour data collection, but sometimes it’s something as insidious as identity theft. Most of this is done […]