Malaysians who have managed to control the urge to start off the new year with a new phone will now be rewarded for their patience and grit: Samsung has decided to kick off 2018 by making three of its smartphones more affordable!

Which Phones?

If you’ve always wanted to own a Samsung smartphone but you’ve been wary of the prices, these price cuts might just be the deciding factor for you. Fans of the Galaxy Note Fan Edition, Galaxy J7 Plus, and Galaxy J7 Pro, get ready to line up, because these price cuts are for you!

About: Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Image via Samsung Malaysia

The Galaxy Note Fan Edition is the top smartphone of the trio, being basically a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 with all its specifications sans the exploding battery issue. Don’t worry, it’s undergone rigorous tests, and it’s not supposed to explode anymore! It retailed for RM2,599 last year, but 2018 sees you getting enough ‘fatt’ to be able to purchase one at just RM2,199. That’s an additional RM400 that can stay warmly in your pocket for other important purchases.

About: Samsung Galaxy J7 Plus

Image via Samsung Malaysia

Looking for something more mid-range? Samsung has that covered for you as well with its price cut for the Galaxy J7 Plus. At RM1,299, down RM300 from its original retail price of RM1,599, the Galaxy J7 Plus features a 5.5-inch full HD Super Amoled display, a 16-megapixel front-facing camera, as well as twin 13-megapixel main and 5-megapixel secondary rear cameras.

About: Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Image via Samsung Malaysia

If you’re up for something that has less baubles, is more affordable, and still serves its main purposes, you could perhaps consider the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro. It has only one rear camera, as opposed to the J7 Plus’s dual rear cameras, but that’s okay if you’re not that big on photography. Its price cut from RM1,199 to RM1,099 puts it just outside the four-figure price tag range, making it quite affordable.

Price Comparisons

Of course, since these are reductions in retail prices, it’s very possible that you’ve found competitive prices from resellers or even e-commerce websites. So what’s the big deal here? Well…if these resellers and e-commerce websites can already offer you these prices when the smartphones were more expensive, imagine what they can offer you now with these lowered retail prices, in order to stay in the game!

When Will They be Effective?

All these new prices will be valid from 1 January 2018. Since this isn’t a promotion, but rather a true-blue price cut by Samsung themselves, there’ll be no validity date for these prices…though we can always hope for more smartphone prices to drop!


Thanks to Samsung’s initiative, you’ll be able to save some money on your new smartphone by up to RM400. All the more to save and spend on Chinese New Year next month!

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