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Samsung recently submitted and obtained a patent for one or some of its future phones. Apparently, Samsung has been eyeing the gaming market, because this patent is centred primarily on the gaming experience. Will it revolutionise mobile phone gaming?

Current Problems with Phone Gaming

For all that mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, some games just aren’t meant to share screen estate with its remote controls. With touchscreens, you may just end up over-extending your thumbs or clicking at the wrong place at the wrong time, then boom, game over! Not fun. This wasn’t a problem when your gaming screens were non-touchscreen and you had a dedicated set of remote control buttons. Samsung thinks that it might have the solution to that dilemma.

What Does It Look Like?

We love screen estate, and it’s clearly the look of modern mobile phones today, so Samsung decided to follow the trend on that front. You’ll still get a generous screen – actually, make that two screens. Yes, the patented Samsung phone features a foldable dual-screen phone. It’s an innovation of the old flip phones. If you’re thinking somewhere along the lines of Nintendo DS ala mobile phone with hinges…you’re probably not too far off the mark, either, except you can also use it for all your mobile phone needs.

How Will It be Used?

The default orientation for both screens is vertical, like how you already hold your mobile phones today. However, mobile games will be able to take advantage of the dual screen to provide a full, uninterrupted screenful of gaming experience, since you’ll be able to use the second screen for your controls.

Stylus Support

Apparently, Samsung’s new phone is supposed to incorporate a stylus as well, which is already the norm with its higher-end phones such as the Samsung Note. It looks like the Samsung S Pen is going to get a wider user base soon! Despite the fact that this phone is meant for gaming, this dual-screen, stylus-supportive phone will be awesome for drawing as well, so it may end up tapping more than one market.

Independent, Complementing Screens

The two screens are meant to complement each other, but they’re also perfectly capable of functioning independently by running their own apps, with an app switcher to help smoothen the user experience.

What’s Special About It?

Dedicated Cameras and Speakers

Besides being packed with two hinged screens and a stylus, both phone halves also come with dedicated cameras and speakers. Samsung has yet to elaborate on the hows and whys of this decision.

Rumour: Changeable Screen “Covers”

Rumour has it that the screen of this Samsung phone can basically act as a changeable screen “cover” for the flip side of your phone. There are two screens, so when you fold them together, one screen can be the backside and display whatever you want! Apparently, Samsung is thinking of making the second screen show your book cover when you’re reading an e-book, making it look like an authentic, actual book-reading experience, obvious electronics aside.
In addition to that, this patent is rumoured to be for Samsung’s Galaxy series, so Galaxy lovers may sit up straighter and pay attention in the months to come!

When Will It be Launched?

Since it’s just a confirmed patent at the time of writing, Samsung hasn’t exactly revealed so much as a peep about it yet.


It looks like the the boundary between gaming devices and mobile phones are about to get blurrier. Is that a good or a bad thing? Perhaps time will tell once Samsung releases the phone.

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