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For Muslims, a pilgrimage to Mecca is a rite of passage and a responsibility for those who can afford it. The pilgrimage, or ‘menunaikan haji’ in Malay, refers to the act of visiting an important and revered place (Mecca).

What is the Role of Tabung Haji?

Tabung Haji, or the Pilgrims Fund Board, was created to help Muslims foot the cost of the pilgrimage. Among others, its goals are to enable Muslims to gradually save up for their pilgrimage; help those Muslims invest their capital in halal ventures, and protect, control, and watch over pilgrims to Mecca.

e-THiJARI’s Role in Tabung Haji

In a nod to the centralisation of technology, Tabung Haji introduced e-THiJARI, a mobile application that allows depositors to conduct banking transactions through their moble devices. It has recently been upgraded to THiJARI 2.0, but its purpose remains largely the same.

What can E-THiJARI Do?

To put it broadly, e-THiJARI gives you access to deposit services, haj services, and the TaHa Club, or the Tabung Haji Club.

Deposit Services

Through e-THiJARI, you may update your profile, check your account balance, update your account, transfer between Tabung Haji accounts, request for account statements (for the latest three months only), and manage your Favourite Accounts.

Haj Services

Through e-THiJARI, you may register for the pilgrimage, check your registration status, print your pilgrimage registration slip, and check and print your flight schedule and ticket once you’ve been slated to conduct your pilgrimage to Mecca.

TaHa Club

As an account holder with Tabung Haji, you are eligible to join their club, the TaHa Club. The e-THiJARI app allows you to register for the club and check your registration status.

Why Use E-THiJARI?

E-THiJARI can be accessed online, but if you want to access it even faster and more easily, the e-THiJARI app is the way to go. Both online methods allow you to by-pass any queues that you might encounter at Tabung Haji offices, and you can conduct your transactions at any time, unconstrained by office hours. Besides that, you’ll also be able to network with future pilgrims though the TaHa Club.

How Can You Sign Up?

The documents required are your Tabung Haji passbook and your MyKad.
1. Go to the nearest Tabung Haji branch to obtain a PIN number and register the mobile number you wish to use to receive your TAC numbers.
2. Using the PIN number, access the e-THiJARI website and register yourself. Your password must contain a combination of small and capital letters, numbers, AND symbols.
3. Log in with your chosen username and password, and you’re good to go!

Can Non-Muslims Use E-THiJARI?

Non-Muslims can download the e-THiJARI app from their respective app stores, but unfortunately, only Malaysian or Permanent Resident Muslims can invest their savings in Tabung Haji. However, you can open a savings account with Tabung Haji as long as you fit that criterion, regardless of whether you’re a bumiputera or non-bumiputera Muslim.


With e-THiJARI, managing your pilgrimage account has just gotten easier than ever!

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