Have you ever been frustrated looking for much-need Wi-Fi overseas? Thanks to Malaysian entrepreneur Yen Pei Tay, that may soon be a thing of the past. His app, Simplify, aims to do away with the furious hunt for cheap Wi-Fi (or any Wi-Fi zone, for that matter) whenever you’re overseas or simply lacking your own data source, and the idea behind it is an appealing one.

About Simplify

Simplify, like its name implies, is nowhere near complicated. It has a single goal: to make everyone potential Internet providers, so that lack of mobile data won’t ever bother you again no matter where you are. It does this by allowing people to share their excess data at a price they choose, so in return, the only thing data-less people will have to do in order to get Wi-Fi is to buy them from someone around them!

Why Use Simplify

Simplify eliminates the need to purchase SIM cards, data roaming, as well as overseas-enabled pocket Wi-Fis the next time you leave the country. More importantly, though, for us cash-strapped Malaysians: it allows us to generate potential side income, simply by selling excess data you wouldn’t have finished otherwise anyway.
Yen Pei, the creator of the app, is marketing Simplify to consumers. Anyone can sell their data on Simplify. It would be most useful if tour guides and taxi drivers would hop onto the bus, too. Imagine walking around with your tour guide as your portable, living, breathing Wi-Fi hotspot! Also, long, Wi-Fi-less taxi rides may potentially become a thing of the past if your taxi driver happens to be on Simplify.

How Does It Work?

On the buyer side, all you have to do is choose a plan and click Confirm. Seriously, that’s it. No passwords involved; the app auto-encrypts the hotspot’s password and channel. On top of all that, the app also works on a pay-as-you-use basis, so if you bought 1GB of data but only used 100MB, then 100MB is all you pay for!

Is It Safe?

Image via Oudevalutas

The USD5000 open reward for successfully hacking into Simplify is still unclaimed. What this means is that no one has managed to get the better of the app’s mechanisms just yet, so yes, it’s probably safe for you to use it at the present time.


If you’re thinking about making Simplify a nifty source of side income, you’re in luck: Malaysia is its most popular destination, so you’re well on your way to paving yet another income source for yourself! Every ringgit counts, right?

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