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What You Shouldn’t Do With Personal Loan?

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We can automatically use personal loan to pay up for almost anything, however, many people take this literally and use this to their own advantage. According to one news, some loan applicants have come up and cited a few, peculiar reasons for applying. Certain reasons such as buying an airplane were one of the reasons […]


15 Financial Milestones You Should Achieve by 30

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At 30 years young, you’ve left the ignorance of childhood, the bliss of adolescence, and the confusion of young adulthood behind. You should have gained enough mistakes and learned from them to more mature in many aspects of your life, including money matters now that your parents aren’t (or shouldn’t) be doing that for you […]


5 Things You Should Pay Using Credit Cards

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Constantly swiping your credit card and paying off the accrued amount on time is an easy way to improve your credit rating, which is a good thing if you’re planning to apply for a bigger loan sometime in the future. That, and you’ll be able to accrue rewards points and cashback. As long as you […]


8 Smart Retirement Moves to Make in Your 20s

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It’s never to late to start building up your nest egg. Ideally, you can begin├é┬ásaving the moment you hit the workforce. You might worry that your small starting pay isn’t enough to sustain you, let alone be divided into ‘save’ and ‘spend’, but saving early has many benefits that will pay off as you grow […]