Maxis postpaid customers gain access to loads of discounts, privileges, and even cashback courtesy of Maxis. Did you know that your MyMaxis app can be used to check a lot more than just your account status? Better yet, all surfing on the app is totally free, so you can actually access the app even without data!

Maxis Deals

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Get access to special Maxis Deals through your MyMaxis app and enjoy discounts when you shop at various merchants and retailers, from e-commerce merchants like Shopee, Lazada, and to shopping mall staples such as Famous Amos, Marrybrown, Tealive, and many more. You might even score a big one and get buy 1 free 1 deals for various dining, entertainment, fitness, and other expenditures! Now that’s one way to really enjoy your day out.

How to Spot Maxis Deals

Want in to all these hot deals, but don’t want to keep checking your app every time you’re out for some fun? Then keep a gimlet eye out for the Maxis Deals sticker at your favourite outlets the next time you’re up and about. This is about as “X marks the spot” as it can get, so don’t miss out on any deals ever again!

How to Redeem Maxis Deals

Redeeming Maxis Deals is as simple as 1-2-3 – no, really. It takes just three steps. First, open your MyMaxis app and click on Deals, then click on “All” to choose your category, then click “Download Deal” when you’ve found a deal you want. Voila! When you want to use that deal, simply head to your “Downloaded” tab in the app and redeem it.

Maxis Cashback

Image via Maxis

Discounts and free things are really nice, but nothing quite beats the flexibility of cold, hard cash (well, in a way). So it’s a good thing that Maxis partnered with cashback website Shopback to pay you for shopping online, right? Enjoy up a RM20 sign up bonus if you’re a Maxis customer, plus up to 50% extra cashback when you shop online at 6 selected partners of the month through Maxis Shopback. This means that if Lazada or another partner already gives you 5% cashback through Shopback, you can get up to 50% more, giving you a grand total of 55% cashback! What’s not to like?
If you want to resist the temptation of spending that cashback cash too fast, well, you can always use it to pay off your next Maxis bill and spend your next billing cycle worry-free!


Clearly, bceing a Maxis postpaid user has way more perks beyond simply not worrying about your credit expiry dates. If you didn’t know what goodies you could have enjoyed before, well, now you know!

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