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MaxisONE Share has been offering a series of smartphones for a very affordable RM1 since its inauguration, and the best part is that Maxis is always on the hunt for new phones you might like. They’ve updated their smartphone list yet again. Is your wishlist part of it?

About MaxisONE Share

MaxisONE Share is an optional add-on to a MaxisONE postpaid plan. Basically, a MaxisONE Share line gets to piggy back on the principal MaxisONE line, and the bills for all lines under the principal line is consolidated into a single bill. It’s perfect for busy parents who find it a hassle to keep buying prepaid top-ups – or for any other loved ones, really.

Why Use MaxisONE Share

It’s not just about paying through a single bill! MaxisONE Share lines, like the principal lines, have access to unlimited calls and access. Also, to compensate for some over-utilising and other under-utlising of data, everyone under the same MaxisONE Plan can pool their data to be shared across family lines. Every additional MaxisONE line will also contribute an extra 10GB to the pool. And perhaps best of all: a MaxisONE Share line will be eligible for a new smartphone for only RM1!

Prime Phone Picks

There are currently eight smartphones on offer under this RM1 Share Deal, from several brands and several price ranges. But if you think that RM1 means regular phones, think again! Some pretty high-end phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note FE, are available under this plan for the same RM1.

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Samsung Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE is currently the most expensive phone available through the RM1 Share Deal. It’s basically a smartphone with the specifications of the discontinued Galaxy Note 7, but with its battery fixed and improved. However, if you’re looking for something a little smaller, you can opt for the Samsung Galaxy A8 instead, or the Samsung J7+ or J7 Pro, all of which retail for over RM1,000. That’s a pretty good price cut you’re getting, isn’t it?


Is Samsung not your cup of tea? Then that’s all right, because there are other phones in Maxis’s Share Deal, such as Huawei’s Nova2i. At a nearly similar size to the Samsung Galaxy Note FE, it’s quite new in the market, having been launched just in October 2017 to pretty good reviews.


Oppo is offering two different phone models on Maxis’s Share Deal this time round, namely the Oppo F5 and the Oppo A83. The F5 has slightly more screen estate than the A83, at 6.0″ and 5.7″ respectively, as well as being the more expensive of the two in the market. However, either one is available for you at just RM1.


Since this Share Deal promotion is run under the MaxisONE Share program, you’ll need to have a MaxisONE Share Plan, priced at RM48/month, first in order to be eligible. However, the MaxisONE Share Plan is a supplementary line, which will require you to first sign up for a MaxisONE principal line. The normal MaxisONE Plans have RM1 smartphones too, so don’t worry about losing out!


Maxis has upped its game with its latest smartphone line-up. If you’re curious to find out more about it, simply go here to find out!

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