The iOS 11 comes with several new features over its predecessors that are sure to make your smartphone experience smoother than ever before. Malaysians would have had a little over a week to get used to the updated operating system. That said, do you know how to make your iOS experience safer and more secure?

The Myth

The previous version of the iOS, the iOS 10, used to ensure that what is shut down, stays shut down. Many users are lulled into thinking that the same would apply to the iOS 11. Normally, this would mean that once you turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in your Apple device’s Control Centre, it stays off until you turn them on again. Right?

The Fact

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Wrong. Unlike the iOS 10, the iOS 11 seems to have something akin to a timer when it comes to items that are turned off via the Command Centre, and this includes conveniences like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Command Centre house quick settings for your Apple device. Only active connections will be terminated when you turn off any of the settings via the Command Centre. In fact, these wireless interfaces will be turned on automatically again by the operating system at 5am every morning (fortunately without a sound, otherwise you’re looking at many early mornings!).

The Reasoning

Keeping your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on when not in use is a security and privacy risk, according to US non-government organisation Electronic Fronter Foundation (EFF). Both these wireless interfaces will allow your smartphone to be tracked and identified – and by extension, track and identify you – for whatever reason. Advertising or marketing sneaks are the least harmful things that could happen to you, but in a worst-case scenario, an open Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is a gateway for malware attacks.

The Expert Advice

To avoid becoming a victim of identity theft or malware, the EFF recommends turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth whenever they’re not in use. And while we’re on that note, you might also want to consider becoming more wary of connecting to open, free Wi-Fi networks, no matter how tempting it is to save a few bytes of data. Open networks are much more vulnerable to attacks than your own personal network.

The Solution

So what can you do about the recurring flip-switch built into the iOS 11? According to a support document by Apple, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will automatically turn on again at 5am. The only way to turn them off and get them to stay off, it seems, would be to go to your iOS settings app and switch them off there. Hopefully, Apple will soon allow users to turn on and off their wireless interfaces at will through the Command Centre, but for now, this is the stop-gap.


Whether this issue is a glitch or not, at least now you know how to keep your iOS usage safe and sound!

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