Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident. A car accident might mean that you may claim from your car insurance, and thus lose that valuable No-Claim Discount you’ve been hoarding so carefully all these years. That said, sometimes you have to spend some in order to save some. Here are some maintenance items you should look into in order to minimise your risk of accidents!

Faulty Wipers

Wipers are something that you use only when it rains, so this might cause you to forget about them until the next downpour. Wipers function to clear your vision through the windscreen in rainy or foggy weather, when your visibility will already be lowered and your chances of getting involved in an accident will increase. Therefore, you should replace your wipers when you notice them becoming noisy or leaving streaks on your windscreen when in use. They don’t cost much, so this one is a pretty cheap preventative measure!

Cracked Windscreens

Cracked windscreens are a pretty ubiquitous problem, especially if you often drive on highways at high speeds, because debris will impact your windscreen with a much larger force. Due to the laminated safety glass that makes up the windscreen, your glass won’t shatter into pieces unless it’s a really bad accident; you’ll likely see a spider-web of cracks instead.

These cracks can block your vision, and in cases of emergency you might not be able to react in time. In addition to that, a cracked windscreen will have reduced structural integrity, and will be more liable to give in if your car is involved in a major collision.

Faulty Brakes or Worn-Out Brake Pads

The one thing that’s worse than being unable to see danger has to be the inability to stop once you see it! That’s the risk you run if you decide to skimp on brakes servicing or brake pad replacements. If the brake pads are worn out, your brakes are liable to fail. You also have to check that you have sufficient brake fluid and top up as necessary as part of your maintenance routine.

Bald Tyres

Tyres are expensive, so some of you may have wanted to squeeze every drop of life from them until they’re dry – or in this case, bald. However, this is typically a bad idea, especially if you couple this lack of maintenance with reckless and high driving speeds. Balding tyres have poorer friction and grip on the road. Higher speeds means more friction and heat, which increases the risk of your tyres exploding while you’re driving. Needless to say, this is a dangerous scenario, so avoid it at all costs.

You can save some cost by switching your rear tyres to the front (which tend to be worn down faster), and replacing only one new pair of tyres at the rear. This way, you’ll only pay for two tyres at a time, and you’ll get to extend the life of your tyres as well!


Clearly, car maintenance goes beyond changing the motor oil! Some of these replacements may cost you, but remember, a well-maintained car is a safer car! Small maintenance moves like these can help you maintain lower premiums for your car insurance, so why not do them?

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