Nowadays, the role of internet is getting more important and it is highly needed not only by businesses or enterprises but also individuals. Businesses requireinternet to grow their business and also boost their profits. They use internet to promote their company, to introduce new products, sell products directly newcustomers, connect with customers and many more . Individuals require internet to accomplish their life tasks, express their existence and connect with other people.

Many people use the internet as well to finish off their work or school projects, buy or sell products, show personal opinions, chat with friends and so much more.To be able to carry out an activity over the internet easily and conveniently, people often need internet connection easily. And in this case, most people would prefer broadband internet over dial up internet due to its vast speed difference. This fact can also be seen from the number of people who subscribe over to internet, the number of broadband subscribers has been increasing significantly and thus, the number of broadband service providers also becomes an indicator of the popularity of  broadband service.

According to a report from New Straits Times, the number of internet users in Malaysia has increased from 2.5 million users in 2006 to 24.5 million users in 2017 respectively and the numbers just doesn’t stop right there. As we now transition into a more digital economy, the need for us to stay connected in today’s world becomes higher and there’s no doubt that broadband services would be in demand in the near future. However, getting the best of broadband packages would not come easy due to its rather expensive pricing from certain companies, that is why in, we have come up with some of the best internet broadband packages from different providers and what’s even better? you will also get a free Touch’ N Go card if you subscribe to any of these packages.


TIME Internet


  TM Unifi    




Maxis ONE Home Fibre Broadband 


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