With only less than 24 hours left before Hari Raya, what is there not to love about Hari Raya? From listening to the cheerful laughters of little children to people dressing up in Baju Melayu’s and Baju Kurungs with different colors, delicious food and delicacies, and the annual ritual of visiting one another’s home for a time of reunion with loved ones. Before we get all hyped up for Hari Raya and make our “balik kampung” journey, let us all remember some things to remember for Hari Raya in order for us to celebrate it joyfully and with a peace of mind,


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  1. Dress Codes

The Baju Melayu and the Baju Kurung are undoubtedly the choice of garments to be worn during this festive celebration. No matter what type of clothes you pick, be sure that the clothes you pick are suitable for the occasion including travelling and visiting.


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  1. Live and eat well

What is the point of celebrating Hari Raya when there is no food right? It is just simply irresistible to see and try out different kinds of food being served around us. However, if you do not want to be rude in front of the host,  one should try not to eat anything before they visit their relatives so that they’re also able to munch on whatever is served by the host as well.


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  1. Virtual Raya

In this age of technology, social media and smartphones, one does not simply not take any pictures and post their Raya highlights on social media. You heard that right, take some pictures of your outfits or costumes, activities and the various types of delicacies served to make social media more happening during this festive season.


  1. Mind Your Manners

Like any other festivities and celebrations in Malaysia, you’ll be definitely meeting people of all ages and it is important that you would also mind your tongue as to offend anybody within the social circle. It is also wrong to walk past an elder without their consent in the Malaysian culture.

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  1. Safety first!!

This is the most overlooked part when we are doing our road trip back to our hometown. Nothing really beats the joy of carpooling with your friends and listening to Raya songs on the way. Be sure to always drive safely on the road and not get involved in any accidents that could ruin your Raya mood. Next, in order to ensure a smooth and problem free journey to your hometown, don’t forget to send your car to your service centre to get it checked first. Be sure to also purchase your car insurance in order to protect yourself and your family.



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