Vehicle repairs can cost a large sum of money and break your budget for the month. As such, it is in your best interests to have all insurance claims processed as soon as possible so that you may recover the sum and move on with life. Here’s how to make that insurance claim hustle through!

Get Good Information

Since you’ll be filing the insurance claim in the form of paperwork, it’s understandable that insurers want as much information as possible to work on when processing your claim. A complete and informative claim makes it easy for your insurer to evaluate your claim. Get the names, contact details, and vehicle number plate of the other party, and those of witnesses if you can manage it; exchange motor insurance information; take good photos of the damages to each others’ vehicles.

File the Claim ASAP

The first thing you should do upon leaving the scene of the accident is to lodge a police report. Your deadline is within 24 hours after the accident, because otherwise you’ll have to pay a RM300 fine that’s not covered by your insurance! After that, it’s time to file your claim with your insurer so that they can start doing their work. Doing it as soon as possible allows your insurer to contact witnesses and other parties while their memories are still fresh in order to obtain more accurate data.


Your job doesn’t end with a filed claim, especially if the insurers need more information than you provide. As such, good and prompt communication between you and your insurer might just mean the difference between a fast or slow claim process. If your insurer’s adjuster who handles your claims case wishes to talk to you about your claim, make sure you respond fast so that everyone can continue doing their jobs. After all, it’ll be bad form for you to be complaining about a slow claim process when you’re the one who held up the evaluation process!

Be Honest

Don’t lie, even if it means you might have to pay more. If your insurer smells something fishy in your claim, they will spend time investigating…and if they find out you lied, your entire claim might even be thrown out of the window! Remember, your insurers sell motor insurance and evaluate claims for a living, so they’ve probably seen more tricks than what you have up your sleeve. Lies, even by omission, equals more time being wasted on evaluations. So even if it’s financially more damaging to you, stay honest.


The entire purpose of having insurance is to avoid getting slapped by an unexpectedly large expense. However, since you’re the one to actually witness and experience the accident, your prompt and concise response is absolutely crucial to get that claim approved faster!

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