Do you remember our farewell article for webe just last week? Well, it seems that this phoenix is rising out of the ashes in a flash, because TM has announced its reincarnation, Unifi Mobile!

Quick Recap

In case you didn’t feel like reading a whole new article on what webe was, webe was TM’s WiMAX offering that closed shop to new subscribers on 12 January 2018. With its rebranding, webe’s naming history is now officially P1 WiMAX – webe – Unifi Mobile. So what is Unifi Mobile like, and are the packages anything like webe’s?

The Online Experience

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Unifi Mobile seems to be modeled like the latest e-based prepaid telco service like Maxis’s ookyo. This means that you’ll be doing pretty much everything, from registering to reloading to purchasing items entirely online. Simple top-up your account using a debit or credit card or via online banking to continue making purchases. Bet that’ll save you a lot of time heading out to the stores!

Bye-Bye Unlimited Data!

First off, the data you’ll be getting through Unifi Mobile is definitely, sadly, limited, unlike its webe predecessor which provided unlimited data, calls, and SMS usage. Instead, it offers a fully customisable mobile plan that’s decided entirely by you!

Complimentary 20GB LTE Data

As a thank you for choosing Unifi Mobile, all new users will be gifted with 20GB LTE data for free upon sign-up, while stocks last. For those who are wondering, LTE means “long-term evolution”, and it’s a type of 4G connection that’s up to 10 times faster than 3G connections. That’s a lot of fast data for you to use on anything you want…until it runs out, anyway, then you’ll have to purchase more.

No Expiry

The most annoying thing about prepaid plans is its tendency to run out of expire just when you need it. Luckily, Unifi Mobile has heard you and responded with its super-flexible, super long-lived purchase validity. In fact, your calls, data, and SMS will never expire as long as your line remains active, which means 90 days from your last purchase date. In essence, this means super-light users only need to top-up four times a year to use Unifi Mobile all year round. When you’re running low, TM will even send you an SMS reminding you to top up. Isn’t that just convenient?


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One downside of the original webe, for all its fantastic price and truly unlimited data, is that it couldn’t be used as a hotspot except through limited-time promotions or expensive hotspot add-on purchases. Unifi Mobile, on the other hand, offers the ability to hotspot your data, much like all other telco mobile offerings in Malaysia.

The Rates

Now here comes the make-or-break of this webe reincarnation: the rates for its data, calls, and SMS.


For data, Unifi Mobile is actually offering a 4G/3G mix for all its packages. All its packages are split into half high-speed LTE, and half LTE/3G. So if you purchase 8GB data (RM50), you’ll get 4GB LTE-only data and 4GB LTE/3G data. The same goes for its 4GB package (RM30) and 2GB package (RM15). Its 1GB Basic Internet package comes with LTE/3G only (RM13).

Calls & SMS

For calls and SMS, you have only two packages to choose from. Go for either 200 minutes of calls plus 200 SMS for only RM30, or the 60-minute plus 60 SMS package for only RM10. Calls will be deducted based on 60-second blocks.


The Unifi Mobile SIM pack is free if you order it through its Android or iOS app then opt to collect it at the nearest TM Point. If not, you can also have it delivered to you for RM10.60. So, is this the plan for you?

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