Industry 4.0


What is Industry 4.0?

In today’s ever changing world, we are now slowly transitioning into the fourth industrial revolution a.k.a Industry 4.0. Unlike the previous changes, Industry 4.0 simply takes the automation and machinery from the third and current IR and make it better; how? through the use of Internet of Things ( IoT) and Artificial Intelligence ( AI) .

We can already see that the current Industry Revolution which is 3.0, there are already computers and automation creating more efficiency in many industries out there. With Industry 4.0 taking place, this improves the connectivity between machineries and will even allow for more advanced automation. With that being said, factories can then start to operate without any human beings.

Why Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is a smart industry that is able to operate efficiently with less human – error by enabling them to be connected. Imagine having to run a factory with only a few persons inside it.

In the conventional factory, there is always constantly a large human factor which will influence each of the processes. From the managing the raw materials to the final product that lands on the customer hands. Suffice to say, we cannot eliminate human involvement but however, there is always a risk of human error due to high involvement of workers.

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For example, a staff may miss out on checking the factory’s material  supplies and causing material shortage. This will also cause the slowdown on the production of the products. In the assembly line itself, there is always a possibility of injury and misassembled items which will reduce the productivity within the factory.

Is Industry 4.0 already in effect?

The answer is yes! Industry 4.0 is already being implemented in several major countries such as United States, China,  Japan, including our neighbour Singapore that have their respective taglines such as ” Smart Manufacturing”, ” Made In China 2025″ and so on.

Everybody’s favourite building block toy, was already producing plastic bricks in complete automation for  years. You can read about it here at Gizmodo’s Exclusive Look-Inside of LEGO’s Factory.

What about Malaysia?

The world is slowly advancing into Industry 4.0. The Malaysian Ministry of International Trade And Industry ( MITI) tabled the national policy for Industry 4.0 to improve the countries businesses and factories. This is an initiative to improve the country’s productivity, efficiency, quality and also develop new skills and talent with the people.

According to MITI as well, Malaysia lies between Industry 2.0  and 3.0, which is mass production of items and automation. It is currently facing many challenges such as the lack of awareness and understanding of Industry 4.0 including standards of skillsets.

You’re able to read more about MITI’s National Policy on Industry 4.0 here on Industry 4WRD

Let us know  you think about Industry 4.0? Will Malaysia be able to implement it and will it help us advance as a nation? Let us know!


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