Is Google Drive dying? Is it time for you scramble for a new cloud storage before time runs out and you lose years of precious data? Luckily, the answer is no…well, sometimes.

When is Google Drive ‘Dying’?

Shock rippled across the Internet community when multiple Internet webpages announced that Google was planning to shut down Google Drive in March 2018. Yes, they are shutting down Google Drive – the Google Drive app for Windows and Mac, and not the entire Google Drive system. So don’t worry, you’re probably pretty much safe unless you actually downloaded and used the app on your computer.

Its Replacement

Google is always innovating, so in a way, we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that it chose to cease operations of an old app and replace it with a new one instead of upgrading. Google Drive is to be replaced by Backup and Sync, another free utility app, that’s supposed to replace Drive and Photos desktop apps on Windows PCs and Macs.

About Backup and Sync

Backup and Sync is actually one app, not two, so this should reduce the number of apps you have on your computer. It’s actually available now from either the Google Drive or Google Photos page, as a gentle (but blatant) reminder that a new app is in stock, even if you hadn’t known then that it is to be Drive and Photo’s combined successor.

Transition Time

To give you a comfortably long transition period, Google actually released the new Backup and Sync app back in July. This gives you around nine (9) months to haul your data over to the new app before the desktop Google Drive app stops for good.

How to Backup and Sync

If you’re one of the few who actually downloaded the Google Drive app onto your computer for ease of access, never fear. Here are the necessary steps you have to take in order to secure your data.

Using Backup and Sync is actually quite simple. Simply download the app, launch it, sign into your Google account, then choose the folders you’d like to back up. It’s not just Google Drive and Photos files that you can back up, either – any file on your computer is game. When it comes to photos, you even have the option to back up photos in either high quality or original quality. High quality compresses large photos and videos.

Backup and Sync can also sync your holders back onto your computer’s Google Drive, while it exists anyway, so for now, it’s a two-way street.


In short, folks, don’t jump the gun over Google Drive’s ‘demise’ just yet – it’ll stick around!

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